Management and execution of construction projects in general

Residential home construction and renovation

We offer specialized services in the construction and renovation of residential homes. Our team has highly experienced technical, administrative and operational personnel, capable of carrying out the construction of one or more homes, as well as the remodeling or construction of complete buildings. We take care of the entire process, from the initial studies and designs, if necessary.

Heavy industrial construction

We take care of the entire process, from technical studies and initial designs, construction of warehouses with metal structure and industrialized panels, adapting to the specific needs of each project.

Commercial and institutional construction

We take care of the entire process, from the initial study and design phase to the construction of commercial malls or buildings for institutional use, such as clinics, schools, universities, among others.

Our team will be in charge of carrying out each stage of the project, ensuring high quality results and customer satisfaction.

Construction of roads, squares, parking lots, garages and main accesses

We have a highly trained team in the planning and execution of complementary urban works, both for public and private projects.

Our approach is focused on providing comprehensive solutions that align with the urbanization in general, guarantee the quality and functionality of each project.


Construction civil works in general

We cover all aspects related to the execution of projects in the fields of civil engineering and architecture. Our team has experience in various areas and specialties, ensuring a comprehensive approach at each stage of the construction process.

From design to execution, we take care of materializing projects with high quality standards and meeting the specific needs of our clients.

General demolition

We have extensive experience in demolitions in general, whether it is the demolition of one or several homes, as well as complete buildings.

Our team is highly trained in this type of work and has the necessary resources to carry out demolitions safely and efficiently.We make sure to comply with all applicable requirements and regulations, ensuring a smooth and professional demolition process.

Other General Services

We care about providing services to ensure the proper functioning, safety and cleanliness of your spaces, whether in commercial or residential buildings.

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Why choose us?

At AFZ INVESTMENTS, we understand the complexity of construction projects and specialize in their efficient management. We have an experienced and trained team that supervises each phase of the project, using precision technological equipment, the ability to resolve administrative, technical and financial situations, always with the clear purpose of delivering high quality products.

Efficient management 100%
High quality products 100%
Experienced and trained team 100%

To develop the different projects, we take care of using meticulous planning methodologies, considering important factors such as execution time programming, cost analysis, budget and all necessary resources for optimal execution.

Our company offers different alternatives in the development of projects, in the field of engineering and architecture.

With the AFZ INVESTMENTS team, we can help to deepen your request in general, understand your business and your operations in particular.In this line we can create a precise approach to offer the best service in guarantee, quality and compliance adapted to your specific needs.

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